Ryan Morace
Does anyone actually see this?


Euro-Vision 2019 Collaboration

The Euro-Vision project is a collaboration between 26 artists from all over Europe & the world to create our own interpretation and celebration of the renowned song competition, The Eurovision –

Capitalizing on this year's Eurovision location, Israel, The Startup Nation - our theme was:

Human & Machine

Some look forward to technology’s innumerable advantages while others fear the progression of artificial intelligence could lead to our downfall. Whatever the case, its rapid evolution is no secret – especially

in the start-up nation of Israel, where Eurovision will be held this year.

Ranging from 3D animation to stop-motion, the artists were invited to visualize what it means for humans and machines to operate as one. Is it peaceful? Violent? Organic? Or a mix of everything?

Whatever it is, we know that music can always bring us together as one.